Michelle Monaghan went back in time—back to the decade when Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus were born—for her role as Maggie Hart on True Detective.

But as much as much as the 37-year-old actress likes working with stars likeMatthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson on the HBO cult series, there's one thing she hates about the show: Her wardrobe! Because as Michelle told Chelsea Handler on the Monday, Feb. 3, episode of Chelsea Lately, "clothes really weren't that cute" in the '90s!

"Bless her heart—the costume designer," she started. "Everything was, like, really bad. Like, floral little dresses—tiny little dresses that were just not flattering! And, like, bad lace-up espadrilles with the platforms!"

Chelsea pointed out Michelle's True Detective character lives in Louisiana, or as she puts it "the middle of the country, where fashion isn't really, you know..."

Oh, Michelle knew, chiming in with an "exactly" to get the unspoken point across (although of course, there are well-dressed people in big cities and tiny towns alike!).

She also finds it funny that the show is "called a period piece," telling Chelsea, "it's not a period piece. It's from the 1990s. It's just dated!"

Fair enough. Michelle did, however, like filming scenes in New Orleans. "But I was pregnant at the time, so I wasn't able to partake in all the fun—like getting hammered," she joked. "So I would sit at the bar, pregnant, having a nice meal. I got to enjoy all the food of New Orleans, just not all the alcohol."

Chelsea pointed out that was "probably better though, because that's something that wears thin very quickly in New Orleans. If you are drinking, after the third day of drinking hurricanes (the actual drink), you're exhausted!"

And being a tired '90s girl would be like totally uncute!

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