When it's time to hit the slopes, Lindsey Jacobellis needs to get in the zone.

The Olympic snowboarder revealed to E! News that when she's in a "funk," there is one specific musical artist she jams through her headphones to help lift her mood and focus.

"Usually I just put on some sort of Pandora station, but if I'm having a funk and I'm having a hard time getting into a mood, I love Shakira," Jacobellis tells us. "I race to her and when I'm training she always puts me in such a great mood. And it's a very unique sound that she has."

Let's not forget, her hips don't lie, either.

Along with listening to the bombshell singer, the 28-year-old tells us she enjoys watching reruns of Sex and the City along with Will & Grace. But you won't catch her sitting in front of the TV too much.

Aside from getting crafty here and there, Jacobellis prefers to be active during her free time. "I love surfing and I love all sorts of sports," she tells us.

Although she's not a huge TV person, Lindsey did tell us that she'd rather have a reality show on E! than be printed on a Wheaties box.

"I think an E! reality show would be more beneficial because I always like to influence a younger generation and only a certain amount of printed boxes can only go so far, where I think if you establish yourself in a community and made a different spin, it might have a bigger impact," she explains.

Watch the clip to learn more about the pro snowboarder and make sure to catch her and other Olympians during the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, which will officially commence on Friday.

Don't forget! E! begins broadcasting from Sochi starting Feb. 7!

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