Parks and Recreation, Baby Dance

Youtube; NBC

This kid has excellent taste, and his dad is doing parenting right.

Larry Gallagher noticed that every time the theme song from the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation (aka a show you're foolish to be missing) came on, his son would start dancing. So, of course, he did what any normal parent would do: he filmed it.

Every Thursday night, like clockwork, his son would get his groove on as the catchy opening credits rolled on. The result of Larry's documentation is a three-minute montage of his adorable child celebrating the fact that he's about to watch more adventures of Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman).

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Fun fact: We do the exact same dance every time Parks and Rec comes on. And not just new episodes on Thursday nights! We're talking about reruns on FX and whenever we binge-watch it on Netflix, which is every other evening. So America, keep watching Parks and Rec so the ratings continue to climb. Not only will we get more great television, but we'll get more of this cute kid shaking it to the theme song. Everybody wins.

(H/T Gawker)

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