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Aziz Ansari Live-Tweeted a Friday Night Lights Super Bowl and It Was More Entertaining Than the Actual Game

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Aziz Ansar, Friday Night Lights, Superbowl
Aziz Ansar, Friday Night Lights, Superbowl ANDREAS BRANCH/patrickmcmullan.com; NBC

The Friday Night Lights movie is definitely not happening (or maybe it is? Connie Britton says she isn't above using blackmail to make it happen. Though it kind of already did happen—FNL was a movie before it was ever a TV series. But Texas forever! We want a FNL movie!)

In the meantime, this Friday Night Lights-Super Bowl crossover fan fiction live-tweeted by Aziz Ansari (Parks and Recreation, "Emojis in Paris") during the big game should satisfy your craving.

At the very least, it was more interesting than the actual game.

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This premise requires a bit of suspension of disbelief: Not only are the Dillon Panthers not a professional football team, they're not even a college team (Friday Night Lights at the Rose Bowl? Sure, we'd read those tweets, too).

But when star Scott Porter (Dillon Panthers quarterback Jason Street) chimed in with a picture of him and Michael B. Jordan (East Dillon Lions quarterback Vince Howard), it got real.

The miraculously revived Jason Street seemed to be the only Panther present, though.

Meanwhile, over at the real Super Bowl:

Petyon Manning GIF

The Seahawks put their water boy in, just to give the Broncos a shot.

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Aziz never revealed who won the Friday Night Live Super Bowl, but seeing as half the Dillon Panthers weren't even in attendance, we have a feel they were the Broncos of this fantasy football. (Spoiler alert: In the TV show, the East Dillon Lions won, too.)

Aziz—and co-tweeter Paul Scheer—even weighed in on the half-time show.

Crucifictorious would have definitely been more, uh, interesting than Bruno Mars.

(H/T Gawker)

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