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There aren't many men—yet alone monsters—who can make a plumber's crack seem kinda sexy.

But Aaron Eckhart, star of the movie I, Frankenstein, did just that! The hunky 45-year-old actor hit the beach shirtless in Santa Monica, Calif., on Thursday, Jan. 30, and somewhere in between bicep curls and deep lunges, his black swim trunks slid a little too far south, revealing part of his butt crack! (Happens to the best of us.)

Eckhart did a lot of physical preparation for his role as Dr. Frankenstein's 200-year-old monster, who is renamed Adam by the Queen of the Gargoyles (Miranda Otto).

"I did six months of Kali stick fighting training—it's the Filipino art of using two-and-a-half foot rattan sticks to destroy an opponent," he told Muscle & Fitness, calling his training for the role "hard-core."

"I trained every single day for two or three hours a day and then I would go straight from Kali stick fight training to my trainer here," he added.  "I train on the beach, doing sand sprints, doing all sorts of Parkour, strength training.

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Aaron Eckhart, I, Frankenstein

Ben King/Lionsgate

"When I went over to Australia to shoot, I had a trainer who was a Cirque Du Soleil acrobat and my first words to him were, "Try to kill me,'" he told the mag, "and so each day after Kali stick fighting and rehearsal, he would try to kill me. And we would do all sorts of strength training, and I got in really good shape through that."

Clearly! Fortunately for all of us, too, Eckhart won't be portraying a grotesque, frightening version of Frankenstein—he still looks movie star handsome in the role, barring a few scratches and extra scar tissue here and there.

Besides, spooky can be sexy!

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