Drew Barrymore is planning a super-sweet Valentine's Day for husband Will Kopelman. Literally!

Chatting with E! News' Catt Sadler at the Godiva store in Century City, Calif., where the heart-shaped boxes being offered for V-Day complemented Drew's new photography book celebrating hearts that pop up in the most random of places, the exepectant star dished on her ideal holiday—and the straight-from-the-heart gift she'll be giving her hubby!

First of all, the couple's V-Day will include "definitely food, and lots of it. We love cooking shows and there's nothing better than eating while watching a cooking competiton."

But since their latest obsession, Master Chef Junior, is done for the season ("They're prodigies!" Drew raves), they're going to have to branch out on Feb. 14.

"Maybe we'll leave the house and go out to a restaurant and something crazy," the Find It in Everything author tells Catt. "When you're pregnant it's a lot of at-home eating, stuff like that. I just made him a Godiva chocolate box, so I'm m going to give him that. I personalized it...And I'm going to make him something, because when it comes to Valentine's Day, I like something made you just can't by in a store and you can't replace.

"It has more value than anything monetary, it's just so amazing. So I'm going to make him something."

Well, Will is a lucky guy. But that's pretty much how Drew rolls with her loved ones.

Even though she's got a new book out, she recommends that "if there's any book you buy anytime soon," it should be The Body Book, by her longtime pal Cameron Diaz.

"She has just given so much of herself and her time and her passion and her knowledge over to this book—and it is polished, it is a gorgeous, gorgeous book—and I'm so proud of her," Drew gushed. "We all know her and love her, but she I think is someone who has really protected herself to a certain degree in all the smart and right ways. She's so giving of herself, but this book is really, I think, as intimate and personal to her as something has been in a long time. And it's just phenomenal, she did a great job."

Cameron Diaz, The Body Book

Harper Collins Publishers

Sounds like a ringing endorsement to us!

Watch the clips for more scoop from Drew on how she's learned how to balance family and her other passion, her work—and whether her BFF Cameron's healthy-living habits have rubbed off!

Plus, tune into E! News Friday at 7 p.m. & 11:30 p.m. for more on Drew and her collaboration with Godiva!

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