Which celebrity has Shani Davis enjoyed meeting?

The 31-year-old champion speed skater revealed that and more when he sat down with E! News ahead of the 2014 Sochi Games!

The Olympian told us exclusively that he met Ludacris briefly and described the Grammy winning rapper as a "real cool and humble guy."

And his hobnobs don't stop at celebs!

Davis has rubbed elbows with big wigs and more at the White House, calling President Barack Obama's official residence "the place to be!"

Shani Davis

Harry How/Getty Images

But before he got to visit the executive mansion, Davis received a phone call in 2006 from the then-state senator Obama congratulating him on becoming the first African-American athlete from any country to win a gold medal in an individual sport at the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

In his spare time the Chicagoan likes to eat pizza, watch sports and crack jokes. When asked if Samuel L. Jackson (also a fan of jokes) could play him in a movie, he responded "He might have to tone it down a little bit if he wanted to play me. I'm mellow." Adding, "It may be too small of a role for him to play a speed skater."

E! will be broadcasting live from Sochi, starting Feb. 7

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