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Suki Waterhouse, Hair


Surprise! Didn't think you'd see multiple people rocking a perm-inspired hairstyle in 2014, did ya?

Granted, Bradley Cooper's intense curls were just to get him into character for his award-winning film American Hustle, but it seems as though his out-of-the-ordinary hairstyle has left a mark on his leading lady.

The actor's 22-year-old girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse, shared a photo of herself rocking similar crazy curls on Twitter earlier today, however, it doesn't look like this change is a permanent one.

From the looks of her tweets, the British model was just undergoing a slight hair transformation for a photo shoot in London. For what it's worth, we're kinda loving her corkscrew curl look. But don't make us choose who rocked it best. It's just too hard to choose.

Bradley Cooper


Cooper's costar in the film Amy Adams gave props to the star for his dedication to his curls while shooting the David O. Russell movie.

"Bradley Cooper came in every morning and had tight pink curlers put in his hair. So, no matter what time of day I had to arrive on set, it seemed Bradley was always in his pink perm rollers under the heater," she told Vanity Fair.

Meanwhile, Waterhouse also talked to a magazine about Bradley recently. Well, kind of.

The blond beauty graced the cover of Elle U.K.'s January issue and when asked about her relationship with the blue-eyed hunk, said that she doesn't talk about her boyfriend "because it's boring."

Suki added, "I'm not one of those girls who goes on about their boyfriends. I do think whatever I say will sound weird. But the truth is, if it start talking about him, I probably won't be able to stop. And I don't really want to talk about him, you know?"

We get it. We can't stop talking about him once we start, either.