Melissa McCarthy, Kenan Thompson


Who's excited for "Televised Man Battle With Ball"? Nobody? Oh, you may know it by its other name, the Super Bowl. Well before that even happens, Melissa McCarthy will host Saturday Night Live on NBC. The Mike and Molly star's musical guests will be Imagine Dragons on the Saturday, Feb. 1 show.

In her SNL promos below, McCarthy and Kenan Thompson go over a list of NBC-approved names for the Super Bowl, since the game is on Fox, they can't call it the Super Bowl. Besides "Televised Man Battle With Ball," you can call the game "Football Bowl" and "Live Ball War: The Game," among others.

It's McCarthy's third time hosting Saturday Night Live, but don't mess with her regarding her other two times, she might attack you Then, McCarthy and Thompson sing for a while, start the Olympics and have a brief dance party.

The McCarthy/Imagine Dragons SNL airs Saturday, Feb. 1 on NBC.

(E! and Saturday Night Live are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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