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Opposite Worlds: Everything You Need to Know About SyFy's New Time-Traveling Reality Competition

Opposite Worlds SyFy

12 players, two worlds, and one outrageous reality show.

Syfy's newest competition series, Opposite Worlds, transports their contestants, and audience members, into two very different, and very extreme living conditions. One team lives a life of luxury and rich fortune in the future, while the other is exiled back in time to the dark, pre-technology realm of the past. But here's the twist: Both teams are living in the exact same house, separated by a glass wall that allows both groups to witness the others' prizes or pitfalls.

To help you better understand this new series before tonight's new episode (at 10 p.m. on Syfy) we've got your first look at the intricate details of the two worlds that you can't see anywhere else. Plus, we've gathered exclusive scoop from Opposite World's host  Luke Tipple on how this creative series was established and what lies ahead.

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Opposite Worlds, an adaption from the hit Chilean show of the same name, is a watch-as-you-go live event that encourages fan interaction to help change the course of the game. And although the teams have yet to switch sides, Tipple promises that the Worldly Challenges that the players will face each week will be the equalizers of the competition. "Everyone in this game has a fair chance. In the Worldly Challenge, they compete for control of the Worlds. Win and you get to choose between the Future and Past, lose and you take what you're given," he said.  

In last week's series premiere, the challenge was a tough physical fight, but Tipple said the series will also explore the mental challenges. "I'm very interested in the competitive spirit of the players and how their environments can shape their psyche. Being on opposite side of the glass wall is as much a psychological game as it is physical," Tipple revealed. "It's also an interesting comparison between players who live in excess vs those who are forced to struggle to survive."

What makes Opposite Worlds a truly unique reality show is that fans will have a direct say on the outcome of the game. "Viewers will vote to reward or punish their favorite and least favorite players. An example might be a sumptuous feast or extra pampering for the favorite players, while the least popular might be forced to sleep outside or go without food or social interaction," Tipple explained. "Viewers can vote starting right after the live episode on Wednesday nights, which is when I present the results of the Twitter Popularity index."

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Opposite Worlds SyFy

Tipple hopes that players and viewers will be able to learn something from the competition and apply it to the real world. "Ultimately, I hope our competitors walk away with a new found understanding of what it means to fight for everything they want to achieve in life, and also just how easily it can be taken away," he said.

In last week's premiere episode, Rachel, from the future, was the first contestant to be voted off the Syfy series and she tells E! News: "Everything in the show is very much real, the injuries, the extremes and detail of both houses, the properties of the challenges, tasers and all."

And her time wasn't bad. "The house is absolutely as luxurious and lavish as it looks on TV, if not more. There are things you're not seeing from the TV perspective. From the perpetually heated seats in the washroom to the arcade console being a complete media center, the jacuzzi having user controlled pressure sensitivity, to the very well stocked luxury toiletries & products, it was really enjoyable to say the least."

Take a deeper peek into the past and future in our exclusive photos below and don't miss Opposite Worlds Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Syfy.

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