Shawn Crahan, Twitter


Cancel the Grammys. Everyone go home. Music's biggest night is a NIGHTMARE. 

There is a clown stalking the red carpet. If you've been watching E!'s Live From the Red Carpet, you may have seen him pop up in the background—you may have seen him pop up, had a brief heart attack and said a couple Hail Mary's.

So who is this mysterious (and terrifying and horrible) clown? A serial killer who took a wrong turn on his way to Elm St.? The Northampton Clown on his first stateside vacation? Lady Gaga in disguise?

Nope! He has been IDed as Shawn Crahan from Slipknot, who is known for wearing nightmare-inducing clown masks (just check him Twitter profile pic). Slipknot isn't nominated for any awards, but they do have an album coming out in 2014. Soooooo, guess this could be a promo?

 Shawn Crahan

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Either way, he has people talking:

No, you're not @pancake_karma. And now we will all see him in our nightmares.

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