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    Katee Sackhoff Dishes on Making Action Movies: "I Love the Challenge"

    Vin Diesel, Riddick Universal Studios

    Riddick, the third film in the action franchise, hit store shelves on Blu-ray and DVD earlier this month. The best new character? Well, the space dog was adorable, but we'll go with Dahl, the kick butt mercenary played by Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff. We spoke with the former Cylon killer about joining Vin Diesel's series and other cool flicks she can't get enough of.

     1. Dahl Is Second Only to Riddick: "I loved her from the second I read the script" recalls an enthusiastic Sackhoff. "She was probably the strongest of everybody in the movie minus Riddick." Does that mean Dahl could give Starbuck a beat down? "For sure," the former Kara Thrace insists. "We never really saw Starbuck fight too much where she didn't get her ass kicked. Like the one time we saw her fight a Cylon." For the role of Dahl the actress worked out a lot, sculpting 15 pounds of pure muscle.

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    2. Her Latest Obsession: "I think one of the best movies of the last 15 years is The Raid. I don't think we've seen action like that come out of America ever. I didn't care what they were saying, I was just like, 'Fight more people. This is amazing!' It was just phenomenal."

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    3. Similarities Between Dredd and The Raid: "I also liked Dredd. I actually auditioned for it. I'm a big big fan of Carl [Urban] and I desperately wanted to work with him. I was up for the role of the police officer [played in the film by Olivia Thirlby]. I didn't get it," Sackhoff laughs. "One of my favorite movies is Mad Max so I think that makes sense to me that I ended up in these roles that are in these lawless areas or backdrops. I find it incredibly interesting subject matter, and place to set a story in."

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    4. Tight Spaces Mean No Rules: Sackhoff also makes a connection in all her roles, like her current one as Vic on the hit A&E series. "It's an ongoing theme in BSG and in Longmire too just in reverse. As an actor, I like that play on space and confinement. It's interesting to see what people do when they're backed up against a wall."

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    Vin Diesel, Riddick Universal Studios

    5. Should a Riddick Sequel Up the Action? "For Riddick though that would be a complete departure, so it might not stay true to the storylines, but I do have the untitled female Expendables movie coming up," the star reveals. "That's probably as close to The Raid as I'm ever gonna get. There's some pretty badass fight scenes that I'll need some massive amount of training for. I love the challenge. I was a gymnast and a dancer at a young age so for me, it's just choreography and I just love it."

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