The Gap is filling up with a new batch of music stars.

Alanis Morissette, Jason Mraz, Joss Stone, John Legend, Liz Phair, Keith Urban, Destiny's Child's Michelle Williams and Incubus' Brandon Boyd and are set to appear in advertisements for the San Francisco-based retailer beginning late next month.

The television spots and print ads will focus on the "favorites"--both jeans and music--of the various artists, according to a press release from the clothing company.

Morissette, for example is partial to "Crazy" by Seal, and her favorite pair of jeans is Gap's new Curvy Flair. Mraz's chosen tune is Bob Marley's "One Love," and he prefers Straight Fit jeans.

Apple's iTunes Music Store is also getting in on the campaign, offering up a free download to any Gap customer who tries on a pair of jeans Aug. 8 through Aug. 31.

British soul sensation Joss Stone has already appeared in several commercials for the chain, and will continue singing Gap's praises, despite some recent U.K. tabloid reports the 18-year-old was nixed by the retailer after moving in with her 25-year-old boyfriend.

When Stone was first drafted by the jean purveyor, rumors swirled that the move was made because the previous Gap pitchwoman, former Sex in the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, proved ineffective at luring a younger demographic to stores--a charge both Gap officials and Parker have denied.

The Gap also plans to release a limited-edition album featuring its roster of musicians covering their favorite classic tunes. The collection will be available at Gap stores and at The enhanced disc will also feature a director's cut of the fall TV commercial and behind-the-scenes footage of the various spots.

Of course, offering up exclusives in conjunction with non-traditional music outlets is nothing new for the likes of Morissette.

The "Thank U" singer recently irked music retailers in her native Canada after she inked a deal with coffee giant Starbucks to sell her acoustic version of Jagged Little Pill weeks ahead of its official release date. The Starbucks-only period just ended.

Tuesday, Mraz made like Morissette and Bob Dylan, announcing he'd be among the latest group of caffeine-happy musicians enlisted for a new Starbucks compilation disc.

Mraz will cover Björk's "Unravel" on the forthcoming collection, Hear Music XM Radio Sessions, Vol. 1, the coffee chain and XM Satellite radio jointly announced Tuesday.

The first edition of the series will be available starting Aug. 3 at Starbucks/Hear Music locations in the U.S. and Canada.

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