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Taylor Swift recently posted a photo of herself rehearsing for the Grammys and captioned it with this teasing line: "I'm trying to remember.. What was the song a lot of you were saying you wanted me to perform on the #Grammys?"

OK, we all know what song all her fans are dying to hear at the Grammys. (It rhymes with "Ball Shoe Smell." ) But there are other options when it comes to the tracks we want Taylor to perform, and we'd be more than happy to hear any of these. So here are the top eight songs we want Swift to play come Sunday night:

8. "Holy Ground": When we first heard this song, we weren't that into it. But then it kind of grew on us. And every time we listened to it, we loved it more. Now when we hear the line "spinning like a girl in a brand new dress," we spin around, even if we're not wearing a dress. Usually we're wearing sweatpants. Still, great song we would love to hear her sing live.

7. "Crazier": Yes, the song from the Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack. Hannah Montana may be dead, but our love for this sweet country song burns bright and will live on forever. 

6. "State of Grace" (acoustic): The very first track on Red is great, but the acoustic version that's on the Target release of her fourth album is even better.. Goosebumps.

5. "Superstar": This song was a bonus track from the platinum edition of Fearless, and rumor has it, it's about John Mayer. Regardless of who it's about, this is a great song for anyone who has ever fallen in love with a celebrity. For example, we whisper the lyrics whenever we watch a movie with Chris Pine in it. 

4. "Teardrops on My Guitar": C'mon, bring it on back, Tay! An oldie but such a goodie. This was the first Swifty song we ever heard so it's very special to our hearts. Much like Taylor herself is very special to our hearts.

3. "All Too Well": Taylor, please play this song.

2. All Too Well": Taylor, please? PLEASE?!

1.  All Too Well": Taylor if you don't play this song our lives will forever be altered. And not for the better. Please perform "All Too Well" so we can shout along with you when you sing: "Yeah, you called me up again just to break me like a promise!" Please?

As you might have deduced, we have a clear choice among these songs. "All Too Well" or nothing, Taylor.

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