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Where were you during the great Gmail Blackout of 2014?

Google's email service crashed for a couple of hours today (or a couple of minutes, depending on the user), leaving over 450 million people without access to Gmail. People didn't know what to do with themselves. Stop working? Start writing letters by hand to give to people who are sitting three cubicles down? Actually talk to coworkers? Go home? Give up on life?

So yeah, the Internet really panicked. And complained. And made jokes. You know, the usual stuff that happens online. In case you missed out on the hullabaloo, here's a quick recap of how the Internet reacted to the Big One of Jan. 24, 2014:

Gmail Outage

In case you need a badge to wear. And by badge we mean photo for your Twitter profile.

But it's back up now so everyone just chill. 

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