To put this little jerk into context (and in context with the big story of the day), if Justin Bieber were a parrot he'd be squawking "WHAT THE F--K DID I DO, WHY DID YOU STOP ME?"  (as he did when pulled over by the Miami P.D.) or "THE F--K DID YOU SAY? I'LL F--KING BEAT THE F--K OUT OF YOU!" (as he yelled at a paparazzo last year). 

Comparatively, Oliver the parrot may not be so bad. But he will bite you and laugh about it.

The video was uploaded back in 2010, but was recently resurfaced by Daily Picks and Flicks. In it, the woman keeps asking Oliver if he's a "pretty boy," to which he just says "step up" over and over again. Maybe the bird is a really big fan of the Step Up franchise (Step Up 3D hit theaters in 2010). 

It's worth a watch, if only to hear what a parrot sounds like when it laughs.

Spoiler alert: A parrot laughing will probably make you laugh.

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