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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Wednesday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

American Horror Stroy: Coven: WHERE. TO. START!? First, we'll let you catch your breath because the latest episode of American Horror Story: Coven was insane. So much happened! Let's break it down...

Madame Delphine LaLaurie vs. Marie Laveau: Inspired by Marie's own idea, LaLaurie hacked up the voodoo witch and distributed her around New Orleans. We didn't get to see Angela Bassett's body-less head, but we did get a gruesome scene of the hack job. After that was done, LaLaurie returned to her home, got a makeover (she ditched that wig and the awful clothes Queenie gave her in favor of some pearls and a blazer) and started rewriting history and giving her own tours of her house. It was there Queenie found her and killed her. Yep, stabbed her right in the heart. Queenie convinced the voodoo king that Marie could no longer keep up her end of the bargain (an innocent soul a year) because she was in pieces, so her deal was void, leaving her to die and LaLaurie mortal. The two bitter enemies ended up in hell together, with Marie torturing LaLaurie and her family for all eternity.

Fiona vs. the Coven: Cordelia really did a number on her eyes, but her second sight didn't immediately return. Emphasis on immediately. When it did come back to her, it was a bit different: she could see the future. Cordelia saw her mother slaughter the coven – her included – and take off alone, the reigning supreme once again. She informed the Axeman of her mother's plans to betray him, found Misty Day in the tomb, and rescued her with the help of Queenie, who ripped apart the tomb and brought Misty back to life. Hmmm, Queenie seems to be getting mighty powerful. Misty wasn't very pleased with Madison – naturally – and beat the crap out of her while everybody watched. The Axeman wasn't pleased with Fiona's plans and STABBED HER IN THE BACK. How about that betrayal reversal! After he dumped her in the swamp, he then made his way to the coven and tried to kill the witches. Boy did he come into the wrong house. The ladies – all very powerful at this point – showed him what happens when you come play in their house and stabbed him to death, for the second time in history! With Fiona dead (!?) the remaining young witches (including Zoe who returned from Florida with the power to bring people back from the dead) will be tested with the Seven Wonders. The next supreme will be revealed next week. Who do you think it is? Tell us in the comments below!

Arrow: It was a huge episode for Brother Blood as our villain killed his own mother! He ended up blaming his devious deed on this right-hand man, along with making him take the fall for all of the group's crimes. Not cool, dude. But Blood did not get the last laugh in tonight's episode! Oliver is becoming increasingly suspicious of his supposed "friend," and Slade Wilson, dressed in what looked to be Deathstroke's costume (!), killed off a few henchman in addition to threatening the hopeful mayor's life after Blood let four men die to cover his tracks.

Laurel is still all kinds of messed up and things didn't get any better when she was arrested for drug possession (poppin' pills never ends well, girl) and later fired from the district attorney's office. Finally, Roy was still pretty much hiding the fact that he has super-strength and doesn't get hurt anymore. Lucky fella. By the end of the hour, Oliver finally agreed to train Roy and our hopes for the Red Arrow continue to grow. 


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Nashville: Things continued to get worse and worse for Juliette and all the bible-thumpers who are still pissed at her home-wrecking hobbies. The starlet was forced to cancel six of her shows and then tried to drown her sorrows with a frightening amount of alcohol. However, a sweet pep talk from Avery was all she needed and Juliette was ready to get started on some new songs.

Rayna was having some serious commitment issues with Luke and was very hesitant when he revealed that he wanted to go public with their relationship. He soon realized that her problem was Deacon and she told her longtime friend that they could no longer continue working together because she is worried that they will fall into old habits. Rayna's hair was still flawless as always and Scarlett continued to whine about each and every thing. Must be Wednesday. 

American Idol: Welcome to Detroit, Idol lovers! Here's what you need to know about our three glorious judges: Keith's smile continued to make country girls swoon all over the country. Harry's harsh but necessary criticism was the perfect amount of sugar and spice. And Jennifer wore a flannel shirt and yet it still managed to look amazing. By the end of the episode, the judges found 24 sensational singers who will be headed to Hollywood in hopes of being the next American Idol.

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