Red Carpet Driven, Tristan Bellisimo, VW Selects

When you hit the red carpet, you need to be ready to work it.

That not only means rocking the event with a hot outfit, gown or tux, but also knowing how to take a flawless red carpet photo as well.

Meet Tristan Bellisimo, a photo-taking guru who brings a unique element to his photography--whether it's an angle, aperture, or attitude--his work stands out. 

Ten years ago, the noted photographer got his start in street photography, capturing landscapes and street scenes with a fresh approach that got him some attention. Now, Bellisimo has his sights set on a different type of photography via events.

The photographer is set to hit his first red carpet this weekend at The Grammys to photograph the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.

Red Carpet Driven, Tristan Bellisimo, VW Selects

Bellisimo understands that an awesome red carpet photo is not just about the photographer behind the lens, though. So, he gave us the lowdown on his five tips on how to take a red carpet photo.

Check out his suggestions for the best posture for a pose, what parts of your face to stick out when you're getting your picture taken and more!

1. Stick your forehead out, not your chin!

2. Which one of your eyes is bigger? Pose with that one further from the camera. (Everyone has a bigger eye...everyone!)

Red Carpet Driven, Tristan Bellisimo, VW Selects

3. Just relax...don't tense up. That's what makes your face/expression look fake!

4. Try to laugh at something funny, or think of something cute when posing so your smile is genuine.

5. Don't lean back and square up...this isn't a challenge to a fight! Many people tend to raise their head and take a deep breathe when posing.

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