Skateboarding Cat


You know how when you go skiing somewhere and you keep falling down like an uncoordinated newborn lamb, and then a six-year-old kid who grew up in that area comes flying by you with perfect form on skis or a snowboard, making you feel like an absolute noob? This is kind of like that, but worse. Because it's a cat who's better than you.

Didga the skateboarding cat is the latest Internet animal sensation, and trust us when we say that he's not just balancing on the board and riding in a straight line. He's doing tricks and everything! Like a boss. Like a cat boss.

There are many highlights from the video, but you should definitely look for the girl who tries to out-skateboard Didga, but totally fails. And then there's the time when a Rottweiler gets in the way of Didga, so our hero cat makes quick work of that obstacle by leaping over him like it's no big deal.

Also, the remote-controlled skateboard is apparently named Ollie. Discuss. But only after you watch the video of Didga below:

(H/T ebaumsworld)

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