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Connie Britton Admits She's Not Above Using "Blackmail" to Make the Friday Night Lights Movie Happen

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Connie Britton, Kyle Chandler, Friday NightLights
Connie Britton, Kyle Chandler, Friday NightLights Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Kyle Chandler, feel free to call Scandal's Olivia Pope 'cause you may need a fixer soon!

Friday Night Lights fans were left devastated when executive producer Peter Berg announced that plans for the highly anticipated film has been scrapped, saying a return to Dillon was "probaby not a good idea." And when we chatted with star Aimee Teegarden, she echoed Berg's sentiment, admitting it might be "too soon." 

However, Mrs. Taylor is not pleased by this development, y'all! We chatted with Tami Taylor herself, Connie Britton, at ABC's TCA Party at the 2014 Winter Press Tour, and she is going to make this movie happen, people! Clear eyes, full hearts, can't say no when she's got blackmail!

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"Listen honey, I don't know what to tell you," Britton told E! News' Kristin Dos Santos about the scrapped movie. "At this point, I only have to defer to Pete Berg."

But come on, Britton must have some form of blackmail to use on Berg, Chandler and the rest of the FNL gang in order to force them to gift the world with an FNL film, right?!

"I have blackmail information on all of them," the Nashville star admitted. "I am just choosing the right moment to use it." Now. Now would be the right time!

Of course, Britton does have her hands full right now, thanks to her current hit show, Nashville, as well as her adorable son, Eyob.

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"Life as a mom is amazing," Britton gushed, before admitting, "Most of the time I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. I can't believe so many do this because how can they know what they're doing? Then I have my cute, sweet adorable boy and I'm like 'Oh, we'll figure it out!'"

And Britton, perfect human being that she is, revealed that her son is basically a baby genius. "Well, he's talking up a storm. And he really enjoys it. And also now, he really likes to read his books to me even though he's only two. I try to remain humble about my incredible skills that have obviously created genius." 

To hear more from Britton, including what "tragedy" is coming up next on Nashville, watch our interview with the gorgeous star above. 

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