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As cool as it looks, hitting the red carpet can be stressful for celebrities.

Aside from the process of trying to choose the perfect dress or suit before a major red carpet event, there's the actual walk down the red carpet, where all eyes and camera flashes are on them, along with a long line of reporters waiting to land an interview.

This is particularly why stars come up with ways to relax and de-stress before a major red carpet event, like the Oscars or Grammys.

Jennifer Lawrence, for example, turns to a dandelion and chamomile tea combo to relax before a red carpet event. "Chamomile tea helps to calm the body and get rid of stress that could build up before an event, leading to bloating," her trainer, Dalton Wong told GraziaDaily. "The dandelion tea is a brilliant diuretic so it helps to prevent water retention and flushes out toxins." 

Angelina Jolie

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Meanwhile, Michelle Dockery told us she planned to sip a glass of champagne and play some of singer Jessie Ware's tunes while she got ready for this year's Golden Globes. "I love the lyrics, some of the tunes are really uplifting…she's just really amazing," she said.

Before Lea Michele strikes a fierce pose on a carpet, she calms down with yoga. "We do a lot of yoga during red-carpet season," her health counselor Devon Butler told Women's Health. "Lea has so much attention on her, and this is so calming." Lea especially likes Bikram, poses and breathing exercises done in a heated studio for deeper stretching and stress relief."

Angelina Jolie and Russell Brand, on a similar note, swear by meditation to calm their nerves.

"I meditate often," Brand told the Los Angeles Times. "It connects you to a source of energy that's more powerful than the material world in which we primarily dwell. It helps you relax and unwind."

George Clooney

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Jolie told Stylist magazine she can find peace just about anywhere—even in the midst of all of her kids.

"I find meditation in sitting on the floor with the kids coloring for an hour, or going on the trampoline," she said. "You do something you love, that makes you happy, and that gives you your meditation. But I think it's good I'm not somebody who needs quiet moments because I never get them. They're very rare."

As for how Amy Poehler relaxes before a big red carpet?

"I go to a ranch for two weeks. No talking," Poehler told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show. "No food, just juice. And then I consult my astrologer. Then I go into a cave and I just lie on the ground and I have people just shout jokes into the cave. And I just let the wind take it and if it lands, it's good, and if it doesn't, it goes away. Then I just drive my solid-gold Porsche right into a brick wall and I prank call Sandra Bullock and I get started."

She was just joking of course (we hope). 

Yoga and meditation aside, other celebs have pre-red carpet rituals they rely on before a big red carpet event, like George Clooney, who likes to play basketball.

Back in 2012 when he was dating Stacy Keibler, he told Celebuzz he played a game of hoops while his then-ladylove got ready for the Critics' Choice Awards.

Eva Longoria

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Eva Longoria, meanwhile, prefers massages to strenuous activities. The former Desperate Housewives star likes a good massage before a red carpet event, even if it's just on her hands and feet.

"Eva Longoria, in particular, loves them," celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik told UK's OK! Magazine, referring to hand and foot massages. She always says, ‘I need to relax, Tom, make me feel nice!'" 

Speaking of Hollywood's leading ladies, mom-to-be Emily Blunt has a pre-red carpet beauty ritual she stands by, telling InStyle, "I give myself a face mask. SKII does a great one. You look like Hannibal Lechter in it, but it does the trick. And I always shave my legs and underarms!"

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