Elizabeth Banks, Walk of Shame


No car? No wallet? No phone? Big problem!

In this new trailer for the upcoming comedy Walk of Shame, we get our first look at Elizabeth Banks portraying a news reporter who finds herself without the aforementioned items following a one-night stand with a handsome stranger (James Marsden).

As a result, she's left stranded in Los Angeles and struggles to make her way to the studio to audition for her dream job as an anchor.

Sure enough, the gal gets caught up in a wide range of situations involving the police, pepper spray and more.

Not to mention, it doesn't help that she has to deal with all the craziness while running around wearing a form-fitting, bright yellow dress!

In spite of it all, though, we have a hunch everything is going to work out just fine.

Directed by Steven Brill and also starring Gillian Jacobs, Oliver Hudson and Kevin Nealon, Walk of Shame strolls into theaters on April 25.

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