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    Zac Efron Says That Awkward Moment Nude Scene Was "Challenging," but "I Always Do My Own Stunts"

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    Zac Efron, That Awkward Moment
    Zac Efron, That Awkward Moment Yahoo! Movies

    No one was more embarrassed by Zac Efron's nude scene in That Awkward Moment than the actor himself.

    The 26-year-old admitted during a Twitter Q&A with fans that he was extremely nervous about filming the much talked-about scene.

    "What was it like planked naked over a toilet? Dangerous, risky, challenging—but I always take pride in the fact that I do my own stunts," the former Disney darling explained when asked if he was comfortable when he shot the sequence.

    "I'm constantly embarrassed. I believe that I learn more from failures than my successes."

    The actor also discussed his ambitious travel plans for when he is finished with his professional obligations this year.

    NEWS: Zac Efron writes heartfelt letter to fan after meet and greet

    "I want to see Nepal, the Andes, there are several mountain ranges I want to get lost in. They're my spiritual escapes," he shared. He also noted that visiting "the moon" is on his wish list of places he'd love to see. (Maybe Lady Gaga can help with that?)

    Efron also recently stopped by the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., to chat with several lucky fans about his upcoming flick.

    Apparently the actor connected with Kirby Koo, who works in the company's sales development department, after she met him at the event.

    Koo made such a lasting impression on the star that he posted an emotional letter on Instagram, saying, "@Curbiekoo, I have so much more I want to say. And I will—when I find the words.

    "But I'll start here—When you stood up, with such strength, and sincerity and gave me perhaps the nicest compliment I've been paid...it meant so much more than that to me."

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