Given how all the drama and fighting that goes on in August: Osage County feels so real at times, it only stands to reason that they would want to turn the movie into a reality show.

Well, it seems that's just what Bravo has done with the upcoming The Real Housewives of Osage County. What's more, the film's stars Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts have apparently signed on for it as well.

Oh wait. Our bad. It turns out this spot is actually nothing more than a spoof created by the funny folks over at Jimmy Kimmel Live utilizing clips from the flick, which host Jimmy Kimmel shared on his program on Wednesday, Jan. 15.

But hey, now that the film has received a little Oscar love, what with Streep and Roberts both earning nominations this morning, certainly a TV version would do pretty well, right?

Prior to introducing the fake promo, Kimmel playfully commented on Streep, saying, "When it comes to acting, she's peerless. She has no peers, which means she can't be tried by a jury. So really, she can commit any crime she wants and we just have to stand by and watch it."

And watch we would. Happily. After all, she is Meryl Streep.

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