Gisele Bündchen has a lot of opinions—some of them controversial—about what being a good mother entails.

So when the 33-year-old supermodel was photographed Monday, Jan. 13, in Costa Rica steering an ATV one-handed and holding her 1-year-old daughter Vivian in the other (both not wearing helmets), it caused a bit of commotion in the parenting world. But the rep for Tom Brady's wife explained to ABC News, Gisele "was on a private beach driving very, very slowly."

The Brazilian-born beauty has hopped on a four-wheeler with a little one before, too. Back in March 2013, Gisele, Tom and the couple's 4-year-old son Benjamin vacationed at the same Caribbean getaway, and appeared to take the helmetless route then, too.

But Gisele knows what works best for her when it comes to taking care of Vivian, Benjamin and sometimes 6-year-old stepson Jack (whose mother is Tom's ex, Bridget Moynahan).

And because she's confident in her mommy skills, she wasn't too upset by what any other mothers might have had to say about her and Viv's ride. She Instagrammed a shot from her H&M upcoming campaign Tuesday, Jan. 14, of herself gleefully jumping on the beach, appearing to be having a great time mixing parenting and photo shoots in paradise!

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