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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Tuesday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

American Horror Story: Coven: Yes this is called, OMG Moments, and we really did say OMG about three times during tonight's episode, "Protect the Coven." Where to begin? Cordelia, feeling utterly powerless for not being able to protect her coven, took matters into her own hands and stabbed her own (well, they became her own thanks to Myrtle Snow a few episodes ago) eyes out in an attempt to get her second sight back so she can protect her girls.

Meanwhile, Queenie moved back into the house with Madame LaLauire on a leash. The sadistic racist became the maid once again, but gave into her bloodlust and killed the gardener. Spalding, our favorite ghost, convinced her that Benadryl would allow her to kill Marie Laveau. He lied, obviously, but knocked Marie out and instructed LaLaurie to bury her where she can't get out. Maybe she'll be bunkmates with Misty Day, who by the day is still buried. Before getting knocked on the head, Marie and Fiona became the best of friends and slaughtered basically the entire Corporation of witch hunters. And Spalding's reason to want Marie gone? Her stolen baby is now his!

While all this was going on, Myrtle Snow was spouting out one-liners and going on and on about figs. She urged Zoe and Kyle to flee the coven for their own safety, a warning they heeded. Oh, and did everybody really eat Madison's poo in the form of a soup? Gross.

NashvilleCompared to December's jaw-dropping mid season finale, tonight's return to the small screen was pretty tame—but don't worry we're still going to fill you in on all the southern drama. With two lives hanging in the balance at the beginning of tonight's episode we quickly discovered that Peggy actually died from the gunshot that the police say was intended for Teddy. Teddy, naturally, began freaking the eff out and spent the majority of the hour paranoid about his daughters' safety.

Will did not let the train smush his pretty face (thank God!) but was still majorly struggling on coming to terms with his sexuality. Gunnar guessed Will big gay secret but Will still could not admit it out loud. Meanwhile Juliette was still getting all kinds of hate for breaking up Olivia and Charlie and then she opened her big mouth and made things ten times worse. Oh and the always incredible Kelly Clarkson stopped by the show and wanted ro work with Scarlett and Gunnar but since Scarlett has the maturity of a four-year-old she totally blew it. She and Avery also broke up. Get it together, girl! 

American Idol: The wait is over! Season 13 of the smash reality hit, American Idol, finally premiered tonight and all we can think about is how absolutely amazing the new judges are! Don't believe us? Disagree with us? Tell us what you really think of Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban together by voting in our poll.


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ArrowOliver's jealous! And we love it! In tonight's episode, we learned that Barry is currently in a coma after being struck by lightning at the end of the midseason finale (Don't worry, we're sure he'll be just fine), and Felicity has taken a trip to Central City to be by his side. Something Oliver is totally cool with. Except he's not, and he took it out on Felicity when she returned. 

But don't worry, Olicity shippers. The duo shared a major moment by episode's end, complete with a meaningful shoulder touch (We'll take what we can get!) and Oliver calling Felicity his "partner." 

Oh, and just to hammer home the point that Sebastian aka Brother Blood is kind of the worst, Laurel learned that he put his own mother into a mental institution after she learned just how evil he is. 

Law & Order: SVU: Wine and guns don't mix, lesson learned Law & Order: SVU. Detective Amaro shot and paralyzed a young boy after consuming two glasses of wine at Detective -- sorry, Sergeant Benson's -- celebratory dinner. Amaro and Rollins began pursuing the boy after coming upon the scene on the street. Amaro followed an officer -- Orange is the new Black's Vicky Jeudy -- into a building and shot after she was "shot" ... it was her own ricocheted bullet. After all that stress, seriously it was a stressful episode, the grand jury voted against Amaro and he was free to go.

Just when we were breathing a sigh of relief, Cragen announced he was leaving! Yes, just like that! He waited for Amaro's name to be cleared. "It's done, and so am I. I'm leaving," he said. Cragen's off to see the world with Eileen and have a shot at happiness outside the squad. Benson's now in charge.

"Oh, and Olivia: Do something with the place, will ya?" Cragen's words of wisdom to Benson. Oh? That's just something in our eyes, we're not crying over here.

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