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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Tuesday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

The Mindy Project: Casey's back! Mindy ran into her former fiancé when she, Danny, Morgan and Peter took a trip to Los Angeles for a medical conference and just so happened to shop at a shoe store belonging to the artist formerly known as Pastor Casey. While we were oh-so-happy to see Casey, Mindy's current BF Cliff, who didn't want to move in together, was definitely jealous. And he should've been, seeing as how Casey tried to have sex with Mindy. Of course, Mindy didn't sleep with him, but found herself dumped by episode's end as she lied about hanging with Casey, losing Cliff's trust. (Can we just point out that he was "sexting" with Mindy while dating someone else a few episodes ago?)

In non-Mindy romance drama news, Danny is thisclose to seeing his father for the first time in a very long time, a major step for our favorite TV doc, who validated our love for him by not knowing what Entourage was. Stay golden, Danny.

The Originals: RIP, Tim! Yes, Davina's adorable crush, who played  the violin like a boss, met his demise in the midseason premiere, as Klaus accidentally poisoned with. And while it was sad to see him go, we can't help but be thankful as tonight's episode finally let Davina rage against the machine. You know, if the machine is three  extremely attractive vamps, who have used her all season long. First, she made Klaus transition against his will, she then made Elijah cough up blood and finally, she. Hell hath no fury like a teen witch scorned.

Oh, and guess who she teamed up with by episode's end? Rebekah, who is looking to take control of New Orleans from Klaus and Marcel. Girl power!

.Gif of the Night: Come on, was there really any other option than this total badass moment from The Originals? So witchin' good.


Pretty Little Liars: Yeah, yeah, Hanna got a new interest in the form of Travis, but who cares about that when we learned that she once hooked up with Mike Montgomery. Yes, Hanna hooked up with Aria's little brother. Color us totally shocked, horrified, tickled, etc. Who knew Mike had game?! Fortunately, Aria was totally cool with it, so no BFF drama is going down in Rosewood...this week!

Ravenswood: Alright all your ghouls and ghosts, let's talk about this week's Ravenswood thrill-fest. Remi's sleepwalking officially reached a new level of crazy as her pact-obsessed subconscious caused her to cover her house in ultra-creepy drawing warning her to stop digging into details of the pact. She even tried to stab her boyfriends eye out of his head while he was sleeping! That's not going to get you any good girlfriend points, honey.

Someone planted a knife that was used to create the pact in the Matheson's front yard and it just so happens to be the same weapon that murdered Olivia and Luke's dad. Dun-dun-dun! Oh, and Caleb's dad showed up in town because he inherited a house from old man Henry, Caleb's relative who was literally scared to death. And for the biggest news of the night: Grunwald's attack fire-ghost is actually her mother who refuses to help Miranda break the pact because she wants to be able to watch over her daughter for ever and ever and ever. 

Supernatural: Sam is finally back in his own body...and Tahmoh Penikett is back on the show. Double yay! Not making us say yay? The sad, sad split between the brothers, as Sam is super pissed at Dean, who is now dead-set on exacting revenge on Gadreel. But honestly, as long as this all ends with a Winchester hug, we're OK with the current rift. 

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: It looks like the team may have (finally!) found their own superhero: Skye! In tonight's outing, we finally learned about our resident hacker's past: she's a 084 who might just have powers! Coulson and May learned that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been looking after Skye ever since her entire family, and the agents that saved her, were all murdered.And it looks like there will be no major secrets with this team as Coulson soon told Sky what he had learned, aside from the whole maybe having super powers thing.

Line of the Night: "You've already got high cholestrol and weird people skills." New Girl's Schmidt's reasons for why Winston would be a perfect cop. That's right, Winston is going to join the LAPD. Here's hoping for a buddy cop comedy starring Winston and Ferguson the Cat!


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