The Originals, Pretty Little Liars

ABC Family, CW

It's a teen drama face-off!

And it's not just any battle—two of the most attractive casts on television are going head-to-head in a timeslot brawl, so obviously there's one very important rule: No touching of the hair or face!

The CW's vampire drama The Originals has ignited a social media war with ABC Family's murder mystery series Pretty Little Liars, and now that the battle lines have been drawn, (We wouldn't be surprised if Hot Topic has already started selling T-shirts!), we're catching you up on all of Tuesday's teen network drama with an official breakdown of the prettiest feud ever. 

The Stats:

The Originals
Twitter Followers: 296,433
Facebook Likes: 2,435,899

Pretty Little Liars
Twitter Followers: 1,977,931
Facebook Likes: 12,109,079

Round One: The Originals Calls Out "A"

On Tuesday morning, Entertainment Weekly released an exclusive television promo for The Originals in which the vampy drama "mocks" ABC Family's No. 1 series and "urges Pretty Little Liars fans to change the channel."

The 30-second video featured many of PLL's infamous red A's in their baiting message mixed with clips from the freshman series. The full message reads: "Is A making you angry? Agitated? Maybe the answer is on another channel. Head over to the CW right now and see what every one is tweeting about. It's time to ditch the old A for something that's absolutely badass."

The video plug also ended the clip by boasting that The Originals is "the most popular broadcast show on social media."  Oh snap! Your move, little liars.

Round Two: Pretty Little Liars Bites Back

With their social media status threatened, the powers that be at Pretty Little Liars took to Twitter, their preferred means of fan interaction, to rally the troops. Using the hashtag #LiarsUnite, a familiar battle cry that the series promotes, the PLL fandom quickly got the phrase to trend worldwide on Tuesday afternoon.

The female-centered series also released message through their official Twitter account from the infamous "A." The photo featured a short message scrawled in A's signature red writing: "Bite Me" The art also featured the hashtags "#LiarsUnite" and "#Unoriginal."

Winner: The fans!

We don't know about you but this has made our Tuesday afternoon immensely more interesting and for that we say thank you to both The Originals and Pretty Little Liars.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to continue watching the overly passionate teens defend their favorite series on Twitter…

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Which series are you going to tune into tonight at 8 p.m.? Pledge your allegiance in the comments below! 

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