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Working Out at Equinox Will Lead to Naked Running or Car Trunk Escapades (According to New Ads)

Equinox Ad Equinox

Usually we avoid the gym because it cuts into our TV-watching and Flamin' Hot Cheetos-eating time, but if these new ads for Equinox are based on facts (and they have to be, right?), then we have much more serious reasons for skipping workouts.

The new posters and commercial for the luxury gym showcases really attractive and fit people getting into all kinds of silly shenanigans. The tagline? "Equinox made me do it."

We get the premise. Working out and having an awesome body can allow you to have crazy adventures and a life full of running naked in the dark and getting locked in the trunks of cars. It's about confidence! It's about swagger! It's about…being in a lifeboat full of luggage? 

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Equinox Ad Equinox

So what if you don't work out at an Equinox gym? Well, here are some other possibilities for the gyms you are a member of:

-Working out at LA Fitness will lead to a life full of watching Chopped reruns with your significant other after the gym.             
-Working out at 24 Hour Fitness will lead to contemplating if you can substitute your spandex leggings for pants on an everyday basis.
-Working out at Curves will lead to doubling the amount you listen to Britney Spears' "Work Bitch."
-Working out at SoulCycle will lead to chafed thighs.

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Equinox Ad Equinox

All those options sound much, much cooler than those Equinox situations. You can see more photos from the campaign here, or you can watch the commercial below to get a better idea of what working out at Equinox will lead to.

Real talk: is that guy in a bathtub full of ice because someone stole his kidney to sell on the black market?

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