Paris Hilton's latest on-camera shenanigans have proven too hot for some critics.

The Simple Life star appears in a new TV spot for Carl's Jr.'s Spicy BBQ Six-Dollar Burger in which she seductively washes a Bentley, clad only in a skimpy bathing suit and stiletto heels, while a version of Cole Porter's "I Love Paris" plays in the background.

At the end of the spot, Hilton bites into a monstrous burger with an expression that can only be described as orgasmic as the screen fades out to the celebutante's trademark phrase: "That's hot."

The ad campaign has proven highly effective in drawing attention to the new jalapeno-filled burger.

According to Carl's Jr. and Hardees restaurants' parent company, CKE Restaurants Inc.,, a mini-Website set up to highlight the campaign, crashed Friday after its servers were overwhelmed by traffic.

However, not all of that attention was positive.

The Los Angeles-based Parents Television Council is steaming over the commercial, which it deems unsuitable for family viewing.

"This commercial is basically soft-core porn," said Melissa Caldwell, PTC research director. "It's inappropriate for television."

The group is mobilizing its million-plus members to protest the campaign and is considering petitioning the FCC for a ruling on whether the spot violates decency standards.

The Hilton spot is not the restaurant chain's first attempt to push the envelope in its advertising campaigns. Other burger spots have featured Hugh Hefner and various Playmates, as well as a girl suggestively riding a mechanical bull while taking bites of a burger.

It was that kind of marketing that first attracted Hilton to the fast-food purveyors.

"I wanted to do one of the commercials because I always think they're really clever and sexy as well," Hilton says on

Hilton also spoke highly of the burger she promotes.

"This burger is really hot. There's like these fried jalapenos on it," she said. "It's really like juicy and tasty."

It's not the first time Hilton has been associated with a burger campaign.

Last August, the House of Wax star was reportedly in talks to have her way with a Burger King ad campaign.

The socialite made no secret of her taste for Whoppers at the time--and even divulged her secret to staying slim despite enjoying the occasional BK binge.

"I have a really good metabolism. And I love Burger King, it's my favorite fast-food place," Hilton told the Washington Post in an interview last summer.

However, the deal fell through, reportedly because the chain's franchisees disliked the idea of using the Internet sex tape star as a spokesmodel.

No word on whether Carl's Jr. has replaced Burger King as Hilton's fast food of choice.

Last week, Fox reupped Hilton's reality series for a fourth season, though the question of who will serve as her sidekick is up in the air after the heiress publicly fell out with Simple Life cohort Nicole Richie.

Hilton's first choice for her new costar, rocker offspring Kimberly Stewart, has reportedly rejected the gig, and there's talk that Richie might return, though she and Hilton are supposedly not on speaking terms.

"We are currently discussing with the network the creative direction of the next installment of The Simple Life," the show's producers said in a statement last week.

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