Jennifer Lawrence, Colton Haynes, Instagram


Jennifer Lawrence can do anything. She can win a Golden Globe two years in a row. She can photobomb Taylor Swift. She can talk about her bowel movements and charm the pants off of us while doing it. And last night, we found out that all Jennifer has to do to spark an Internet trend is show up, be herself and of course wear a dress that's simple to recreate.

Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes started the "Lawrencing" party by posting the above pic of himself emulating JLaw and her Golden Globes Dior gown. And once everyone saw how easy it was to slap together a couture dress using sheets and black electric tape (or whatever else you had on hand), then the "Lawrencing" fad really took off. Everyone was doing it, from human beings to adorable pugs.

When it comes to Jennifer Lawrence, everyone kids because they love. In fact, we're 100 percent sure that if she had the chance, she would post her own "Lawrencing" pic. How meta.

Check out our favorite "Lawrencing" offerings below:

And here is Jennifer Lawrence posing like a velociraptor and photoshopped into Jurassic Park, just because:

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