The 2014 Golden Globe Awards are just around the corner, and we're buzzing with excitement just thinking about the gorgeous red carpet gowns and star-studded show hosted by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey this coming Sunday.

We're also quite curious about what exactly our favorite celebs will be dining on during the festivities, which is precisely why we scored some one-on-one time with the chefs behind the event to see what they'll be serving this weekend.

The esteemed foodies showed us the three delicious courses for the main event, all of which whet our appetites immediately.

Moet, Golden Globes Cocktail

Mot & Chandon

Starting with the first course, we eyed a colorful appetizer plate filled with grilled veggies, zesty hummus, grilled pita bread, feta cheese, multi-grain toubeleh and more, and then moved on to main course which consisted of a braised short rib with a harissa crust, a lightly smoked sea trout and spinach, polenta and corn side dishes.


The chefs also revealed that gluten-free and vegan options were being carefully prepared for those with more particular diets.

And finally, for dessert, guests will sink their teeth into a sweet mango yogurt mousse and toast the night with a sparkling glass of Moët & Chandon!


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