Katherine Webb

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Katherine Webb is lashing out against recent allegations that she's racist after she accidentally favorited a tweet on her Twitter page.

The mother of Webb's boyfriend AJ McCarron, Dee Dee McCarron, tweeted "Am I listening to English?" as she watched a televised interview with football star Jameis Winston.

The brunette beauty accidentally liked Dee Dee's tweet, causing fans to start a Twitter frenzy alleging that she was supporting racist behavior.

But Webb immediately addressed the remarks and tweeted, "The idea that I am a racist is absolutely stupid and it needs to stop. I was scrolling through my TL and that tweet was accidentally FAV."

A fan then wrote, "your hot but you're a liar. You don't just favorite a tweet by accident."

To which the Sports Illustrated stunner replied, "Oh yes you do. The friggin buttons are right under the actual tweet! Happens all the time."

Dee Dee has since deleted the original tweet in question.

She defended herself and apologized for hurting anyone via Twitter on Monday evening.

"Any1 that knows our family knows we r far from racist. My tweet was not in anyway meant that way. I sincerely apologize if it offended any1."

Meanwhile, AJ has yet to make any public comments about his mother's controversial tweet.

The quarterback has been dating Webb since early 2013 and most recently laughed off reports that they had broken up.

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