Mosley The Greyhound


As snowstorm Hercules descends upon the East Coast and Midwest, a hero we both need and deserve has risen in the form of this greyhound wearing Batman pajamas. His name is Mosley

And while you're hunkered down, staying warm indoors (hey, what's the weather like over there?), Mosley is having the time of his life playing in the snow protecting Pittsburgh from archenemies like Snow Catwoman and Blizzard Bane and Penguin. 

Watch this video, by owner Scott Merrihew.

The video popped up on Reddit, where someone commented, "I think the jammies made this video 10 times better." We think the jammies (which appear to have been an early Christmas present) made this video a million times better.

If that wasn't cute enough for you, it looks like the whole family got matching PJs.

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