As the world was busy celebrating the arrival of 2014, they arrived. Maybe. Possibly. OK, some people in California claimed they spotted UFOs in the sky on New Year's Eve, but who knows if they were aliens or not.

Decide for yourself. Here is the video:

The video was shot by Marc McCabe "shortly after midnight January 1, 2014" from his home in the Hollywood Hills, he explains in the description. Marc continues, "The only things in the sky were fireworks and these..." 

McCabe, along with an unnamed friend, can be heard deciding that the lights are "too high for a helicopter." "It's hovering, bro," one says.

The sightings were not only over Hollywood, though. ABC News reports there were a "flurry of reports by civilians" throughout the state, from L.A. to Stockton to Sacramento and Auburn. 

"I seen like, six bright orange colored lights," one person tells the news outlet. "And they were like, almost in a diamond or triangle shape. It was weird."

Another civilian, who appeared on television to talk about his UFO sighting with hand-drawn diagrams of said UFO sighting, claims "there was no sound, no blinking lights" but only a "big illuminated form."

A final report describes the activity by saying, "It hovered there for probably about 60 seconds then it took off at a high rate of speed out of sight, directly away from us and just disappeared."

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor went on record saying, "There was no unusual flight activity reported Tuesday night."

So is this some alien activity?


Marc McCabe

Or like a Chinese lantern or something?

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