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    Ellie Goulding Gets Sexier Than Ever in Marie Claire—Check Out the Steamy Pics!

    Marie Claire UK, Ellie Goulding David Roemer/Marie Claire UK

    Ellie Goulding is doing everything she can to shed her good girl image.

    The "Burn" singer looks sexier than ever as she poses completely topless in the latest U.K. edition of Marie Claire.

    The Brit told the fashion mag that she's not as "squeaky-clean" as she lets on.

    "People might think I am but I'm not. I've been quite clever about what gets in the press but I've done some stupid things, some reckless things. A few too many drinks have caused a lot of things to happen," she confessed.

    Goulding also opened up about why she thinks she's still having trouble landing the man of her dreams.

    "People seem to think I'm more wife material than girlfriend material," she said. "That's probably why I'm still single! People want to marry me—and nothing before it."

    To be fair, that doesn't sound like the worst problem to have, right?

    NEWS: Ellie Goulding talks about Prince William and Kate Middleton

    Marie Claire UK, Ellie Goulding David Roemer/Marie Claire UK

    And speaking of marriages, Goulding gushed about Prince William and Kate Middleton and talked about the once in a lifetime experience of singing at their wedding.

    "They're just a really awesome couple, lovely people, so I understand why people are fascinated by them," she shared.

    "I talked to them a bit…They're truly lovely people. It was a really beautiful night. But then, I haven't been to many weddings."

    She also opened up about how she managed to keep her secret performance under wraps before the big event.

    "In the weeks before, everyone I know was talking about the wedding, and I was…trying not to say anything. I kept it to myself for so long—but no one would have believed me anyway."

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