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Netflix Adds More Than 20 Titles, and These Are Our New Favorite Films to Stream

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Remember when Netflix got rid of more than 80 titles? That was a bummer, especially when you consider the likes of Can't Hardly Wait, Braveheart and Titanic were amongst the movies that got kicked to the curb.

But good news! Netflix has added 26 new films to its streaming library for 2014. Sure, 26 is a lot less than 89 (we can do math!), but the quality of the titles that are now on Netflix are much more important than the quantity. Look, Nathan Lane's Mousehunt is on the list! OK, bad example. But seriously, check out the good movies that you can now watch while remaining anti-social at the same time:

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1. West Side Story: When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way. Nobody snaps before a big fight anymore, so West Side Story is a nice reminder of how things used to be. You know, on the streets.

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2. Ghost: Making pottery has never been so sensual. That scene more than makes up for the terrifying image of the shadow demons dragging away Carl (Tony Goldwyn) at the end, which gave us nightmares back in the '90s. But apparently Carl sold his soul to the devil because now he's the President of the United States and having hot sex with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)!

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3. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: C'mon, everyone wishes they could go off on someone the way Neal (Steve Martin) goes off on the car rental lady. He wants a car right f—king now!

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4. Spaceballs: Keep firing, a--holes! 

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 5. Breakfast At Tiffany's: Netflix took away one Audrey Hepburn title (Roman Holiday), but at least they gave us another one to make up for it. Netflix giveth, even though it taketh away.

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6. American Psycho: Christian Bale flexes and points at himself in the mirror during a threesome, murders people while playing "Hip to Be Square," and drops a chainsaw on someone. What more do you want from a film? At the very least, you'll discover the origin of the smiling ax man meme. It's Bale's character from this movie, in case you're wondering. 

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7. Raging Bull: Much like we needed Roman Holiday to class up our streaming in 2013, we need Raging Bull to class up our 2014 Netflix habits. It's Robert De Niro in one of his Oscar-winning roles, for LaMotta's sake! Watch it for him!

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8. Thelma And Louise: Yes, this movie is all about female empowerment, but there's also a young and very unclothed Brad Pitt to ogle. So, you get the best of both worlds.

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