Breakout Stars

 As we enter the final hours of the year, what better way to celebrate than by looking back on the very best TV had to offer in 2013?

We've already given you our picks for the most shocking deaths, best episodes, best couples, best musical moments, the top scene stealers and the ten best series, and in our final list, we're shining a light on 2013's breakout stars. 

These 11 actors really grabbed our attention this season, making it hard (and painful) to remember a time before they were in our living rooms each week making us laugh, cry, smile, etc.  

 It was a particularly talented crop of actors this year that became breakout stars, some after years of guest appearances and some seemingly out of nowhere.

While James Wolk had been making regular appearances on our screens, it wasn't until this year he broke out with two very different roles on Mad Men and The Crazy Ones. The same could be said for Adelaide Kane, who stole every scene she was in on Teen Wolf earlier in the year before becoming the CW's new queen on Reign. But only one star managed to have seven breakout roles all on one show: Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany.

But some new kids on the block totally took us by surprise too, including a pint-size Trophy Wife actor, The Blacklist's leading lady and a dashing Sleepy Hollow star (and his partner isn't so bad either).

Oh, and a cat made our list, too. Yes. we're being serious. Click through our gallery of TV's Breakout Stars of 2013 to find out which actors made our list. 

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