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Our Definitive Ranking of the Holiday Coffee Creamers

Coffee Creamers

Sure, presents and family time and snow and all that crap are good reasons to look forward to the holidays. But if you're a coffee lover, then you know that come November (and sometimes even October), coffee creamer companies start rolling out their holiday themed flavors! For those who drink their coffee black (you animal), you might want to skip this post. 

There are lots of cheery flavors to choose from, so we decided to do you a solid and rank the coffee creamers. We found the eight most popular liquid creamers (because no one has time for that powdered nonsense) and sorted them based on taste and…nope, that's pretty much it. That's all that matters. Here is our definitive ranking of holiday coffee flavors:

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Coffee Creamers

8. International Delight Vanilla Heat: This one is just confusing. That picture of the pepper on the label makes us nervous. And the two feelings we don't want while drinking coffee are "confusing" and "nervous." However, we understand the appeal of having some heat in your sweet treat. But we'd rather have spice flavors (cinnamon, ginger, etc.) than just hot flavors. Why not just vanilla? Why you gotta get fancy by adding heat?

Coffee Creamers

7. Coffee-Mate Eggnog Latte: Eggnog is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of treat, which is why it's ranked second-to-last on our list. If we want eggnog (and we usually don't), we'll just drink it straight up. We don't need it our coffee. But if you are an eggnog lover, then by all means, buy this in bulk.

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Coffee Creamers

6. Coffee-Mate Spiced Latte: This one is kind of boring for us, but it still tastes good. It's kind of got a gingerbread cookie thing going on, and we're not huge fans of that. But if you are, well, then make your own damn list and put it at number one.

Coffee Creamers

5. Coffee-Mate Dark Chocolate Fudge: It's fudge-flavored coffee creamer. Do you need a reason to love it? Try it in peppermint coffee and you're in heaven. Or if you've had enough of your family, maybe you use a splash of Baileys?

Coffee Creamers

4. Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Cinnamon Cream: Cinnamon is a spice and smell that goes hand in hand with the holidays. Everything is better with a dash (or palm full) of cinnamon. 

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Coffee Creamers

3. International Delight Salted Caramel Mocha: If you say to us "we have salted caramel," we're in. Even if that phrase is followed by "but you can't have it until you're dunked in a vat of Crisco to wrestle Hulk Hogan while he talks very in-depth about that horrifying sex tape he was involved in." We love that flavor combination and when you put it in our coffee, it's magic. The reason it's not No. 1 is because we think there are more holiday-esque flavors to love.

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Coffee Creamers

2. International Delight Pumpkin Spice: Spoiler alert! Pumpkin Spice is not the be all, end all flavor of the holiday season. It might be a big deal around Thanksgiving, and people wait with bated breath for Starbucks to bust out their Pumpkin Spice Latte, but we believe that there is one flavor that is a step above the rest. Pumpkin flavoring, you may be what everyone talks about and you are indeed delicious, but you are not the father. Oops. Sorry, we're watching a Maury marathon. What we mean is, you are not the best coffee creamer. We love you, though.

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Coffee Creamers

1. International Delight Peppermint Mocha: To us, there is nothing better than chocolate and peppermint together during the holidays. Especially when it is combined with a hot cup of coffee. Some people may disagree that we put Peppermint Mocha above Pumpkin Spice, but if it's one thing our mothers told us, it's that we are never, ever wrong. So there.

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