Shanghai Pillow Fight

Best. Holiday. Tradition. Ever.

Every year in Shanghai, about a thousand people gather to beat the living crap out of each other with pillows. Why? Well, if you need a reason (we don't), it's to help them deal with all the stress that comes with the holiday season

"Many young people in city have a fast pace of life and have a lot of pressure," said Steve Tao, the creator of the event. "We offer this relaxed environment for them to release pressure, adjust their moods and relax their minds."

Tickets to this event cost about 24 American dollars, but we'd pay a lot more to have an event like this here in the United States. Most of the time when people gather during the holiday season to fight like this, it's Black Friday and it's wayyy more dangerous. Imagine if we held a big pillow fight every week from Thanksgiving to Christmas so people could relieve the tension that comes with finding the best deals on TVs at Walmart?

Watch the video below, and tell us if you're just as jealous as we are of this awesome tradition.

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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