Celebrity of the Year

Our 2013 Celeb of the Year tournament just got real!

Jennifer Lawrence, everyone's favorite girl and America's new sweetheart, has been knocked out of the game! Tom Hiddleston's fan army must be legit, because we thought J.Law was going all the way to the finals. Is Tom the new celeb front-runner? Either way, he is definitely the man to watch out for.

Our final four consists of Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr., America's other sweetheart Sandra Bullock, Hiddleston and last year's runner-up Ian Somerhalder. We anticipate these head-to-head matchups are about to get super intense, because these fan bases are serious about their leaders. And this is the home stretch, so every single click is more important than ever.

Voting ends for this round on Friday, Dec. 27 at 12:00 p.m. PT. It's a quick round, so vote your little hearts out! The final round launches tomorrow, and you'll have all weekend to vote before the winner is revealed on Tuesday, Dec. 31. Get ready, fandoms! And as always, play nice.

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