Dream Cat


Happy end of the week, y'all! Let's kick your weekend off right with a video that combines everything we love about the Internet: cats, random songs and breathtaking landscapes.  OK, we love other things about the Internet, too. Like the general rule that if something exists, there's definitely a porn version of it. Seriously, go and (carefully) test that theory. But don't say we didn't warn you.

Anyway, we stumbled across this glorious video that is simply titled "Dreams," which is very appropriate seeing as that this footage is what dreams are made of. Set to Christopher Cross' hauntingly beautiful ballad "Sailing," this plump cat rolls around and gazes meaningfully off into the middle distance, and it's all set off by beautiful scenery. It's a magical experience to witness it, and we're fairly certain that the power of this video can be harnassed to cure the common cold. Boom. Science.

But no words can describe how Internet-y this video is, so just watch it for yourself below. Have a good weekend, guys. And remember, sailing takes you away...

(H/T to BuzzFeed)

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