Alyssa Milano, Eva Mendes


What are the chances Alyssa Milano remembered this meeting with Eva Mendes back in 1989? Now she certainly won't forget it!

The Charmed star re-tweeted a fantastic Throwback Thursday picture, shared originally by a fan, featuring the fresh-faced teens 24 years ago.

": A 15-year-old meeting at the Glendale mall is the caption accompanying the priceless snapshot.

Milano, who was starring on Who's the Boss at the time, is wearing a printed blouse, featuring what we believe to be an awesome cassette tape design. The 17-year-old looks happy to be meeting fans and signing headshots with a Sharpie pen.

Enter Mendes. The Hitch actress, looking adorable in a navy blue sweater with a matching Gingham skirt, is leaning into Milano and flashing a huge grin. Mendes' bangs are covering a good portion of the left side of her face and her excitement is just too cute for words.

We would love to see these two leading ladies pose for a "now" picture, preferably in a mall.

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