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Julia Roberts makes no secret that she knows her way around the kitchen.

"I'm quite a good cook," the mom of three told us in September at the Toronto International Film Festival. "I'm like a closet home ec teacher...I can really cook anything."

So, when we caught up with her at Monday's L.A. premiere of August: Osage County we had to ask what's her favorite dish to whip up for the holidays.

"My oldest son loves stuffing," Roberts said. "I grew up loving stuffing. It's in the genes. I'm from Georgia—stuff me!"

Fingers crossed she invites us to dinner one night.

Julia Roberts


It's safe to assume that it would be nothing like the brawling dinner scene in August, which features Roberts tackling Meryl Streep to the floor.

"I didn't look forward to it," Roberts admitted. "It's not how I saw the dream of my time with Meryl Streep. But she was a worthy opponent. She was not going down without some scratches and some heels in thighs."

The two Oscar winners proved to be quite the troopers. "We had a stunt coordinator. We had stunt people," director John Wells said. "But Meryl and Julia didn't want to use the stunt people so they did it themselves. [Julia] leapt across the table and took her right to the floor. We did it a couple of times and it worked beautifully. And nobody got hurt, which was my real worry."

Streep cracked, "Julia didn't need a stunt double because she's plenty tough."

Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts

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