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Paul Rudd as Ant-Man: 5 Reasons We Approve of This Casting

Paul Rudd, Ant-Man Phillip Massey/WireImage/MARVEL

Paul Rudd, he of endless youthfulness and general awesomeness, is rumored to be in negotiations to star in Marvel's latest superhero flick in development, Edgar Wright's Ant-Man.

For the uninitiated, here is a quick rundown of Ant-Man: His real name is Henry Pym, and he's a brilliant scientist who can change his size and communicate with insects. While the studio hasn't confirmed Rudd's casting, we are already buzzing (see what we did there?) with excitement over the idea of the Anchorman 2 star playing a superhero. Why? Well, Nosy McNoserton, here are five reasons:

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Paul Rudd GIF

1. Imagine a Tiny Paul Rudd: Are you imagining it? Because it's possible that Ant-Man will involve Paul shrinking down to ant size. How cute is that?! Just think of that sweet little man becoming small enough to fit in your pocket! We'd carry him around forever.

Paul Rudd GIF

2. Duh, He's Hilarious: We love when our superhero films have some comedy injected in it. (Ugh, we get it Bruce Wayne. You're brooding). And obviously Paul is funny as hell, so he'd be able to handle the comedic aspect of Ant-Man. As for the action…

Paul Rudd GIF

3. He Can Handle the Action: We have complete faith that Paul Rudd can handle any big action sequences just based on the Anchorman fight scene and the (spoiler alert) Anchorman 2 fight scene. Or just look at those moves in that GIF up there. You're welcome.

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4. Who Doesn't Want to See Paul Rudd Get Buff? Sure, Ant-Man is no Thor, but we bet Paul packs on some muscle for the role. If you don't want to see sexy Paul Rudd get sexier, then you are some sort of war criminal.

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5. We Trust Marvel: Those people at Marvel know what they're doing. Time and time again they've met or exceeded our expectations with films like Iron Man and The Avengers, so we've learned to just go with whatever they decide to do. Plus, Edgar Wright is directing and cowriting it, and the man responsible for Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz already has our devotion.

What say you, film buffs (or just normal folk)? What do you make of Paul Rudd as Ant-Man?

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