Carrie Preston, Frances Conroy, Retta, Tony Hale


They can chew up scenery like no one else. They can take the attention off of Oscar winners, Emmy winners and the biggest stars in Hollywood. They are 2013's best scene stealers.

American Horror Story: Coven is just ripe with scene stealers, but we felt one witchy woman in particular captured our attention the most—and she's probably had the least to do! Orange Is The New Black has a prison full of women who quickly became some of our favorite TV characters. Then there are the characters that were only supposed to be here and there, but became such fixtures they've gotten more and more to do—and they do it with style. Yes, we're looking at you Girls.

The Good Wife has been on fire this year, but there's one character in particular who always spices things up in the best way possible—and she's not even a series regular! Plus, picks from Scandal, Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development, The Mindy Project and The Originals.

See our picks for TV's Top 10 scene stealers of 2013 in the gallery below.

Who's your favorite? Did we miss your pick? Sound off in the comments!

PHOTOS: TV's top scene stealers of 2013

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