John Mayer, Katy Perry

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

John Mayer and Katy Perry are really going for this whole cutest couple thing.

On Tuesday, Dec. 17, Katy made a surprise appearance at John's concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The pair performed a sweet rendition of "Who You Love," even managing to sneak in a few kisses at the beginning.

Just hours before John, 36, and Katy, 29, took center stage in BK, they sat down on Good Morning America for their first joint interview. They also premiered the music video for "Who You Love," which featured a mix of snuggles, kisses, declarations of love and bull riding.

VIDEO: Watch the music video for "Who You Love" now!

And while clearly the pair look and sound great together, John was initially hesitant to feature Katy on the track. "And my first thought was, 'You can't do that' and then the more I thought about just the music part of it, it made perfect sense," he said. "Even if I didn't know Katy, it would have made perfect sense…For me it always had to be about the song…It's a pretty big moving target to be a couple and have a song but I think there's an authenticity to it when you hear it."

"It transcends us," Katy piped in. "It's more about the message of the song."

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