Katy Perry, John Mayer, Good Morning America

ABC/Ida Mae Astute

Katy Perry and John Mayer premiered the music video for their duet "Who You Love" on Good Morning America today, where the couple also sat down to open up about their romantic single in their first television interview together.

Looking adorable and oh-so-in-love while seated side-by-side, the duo joked about their appropriate body language—"You get too close, it's a little too touchy feely and you get too far away and they say 'I don't see chemistry,'" Mayer quipped as Katy chuckled—before the "Gravity" crooner shared how the song came to feature his ladylove.

"I had this little chorus for years. And it was 'You love who you love' and I thought that was always going to be a great thing someday to have a song that people could hear and feel that sort of permission," the 36-year-old singer-songwriter explained. "And then it came out again and sometimes you just have to play stuff for other people…and I played it for Don Was, the producer of the record, and he went, 'That's something' and I said, 'I don't know' and then he said, 'Why don't you get Katy to do it?'"

Mayer continued, sharing how he was initially hesitant to ask his girlfriend to collaborate on the song, before deciding Was had a brilliant idea.

"And my first thought was, 'You can't do that' and then the more I thought about just the music part of it, it made perfect sense," he said. "Even if I didn't know Katy, it would have made perfect sense…For me it always had to be about the song…It's a pretty big moving target to be a couple and have a song but I think there's an authenticity to it when you hear it."

"It transcends us, it's more about the message of the song," Katy added.

The touching music video features a number of couples, including Katy and John, who are seen snuggling and singing for the camera.

And while the clip gives a rare glimpse into the pair's relationship, the duo says they are placing themselves in the public eye for the sake of music.

"This is the first time we've put ourselves out there…for music," John insisted after host George Stephanopoulos suggested the couple "puts themselves out there." "Well we have to go at some point  from the car to the front door," he joked.

 As for the star-studded couple's first date?

"We just went to dinner like a regular couple," Perry said. "We share music as couple. That's a common interest."

And now they also share a chart-topping duet.

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