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Forget the superhot model who's seen making out with Britney Spears in her latest music video "Perfume"! Because he's seemingly been replaced with the blond beauty's most famous ex: Justin Timberlake (well, sort of).

Last week, the pop icon debuted the sexy clip for her latest single, in which she cries over her cheating lover, prompting director Joseph Kahn to take to Twitter to share that he preferred the director's cut to the final product.

"Wish they'd release the director's cut of #perfume. Britney's performance is unbelievable. A true artist in it. Game changer," he wrote. "Maybe if your voice is loud enough they'll release it. But other than that, I just needed to tell the truth. Something amazing is waiting."

His tweets prompted fans to band together and create a petition urging BritBrit's recording company, RCA, to release the director's cut. 

And when RCA failed to oblige, Kahn decided to take matters into his own a hilarious manner.

"Fine. Here's the director's cut," he tweeted last week, linking to a what appears to be the music video for "Perfume," although Brit's music video hottie Alexander Kjellevik has been replaced with the "Suit & Tie" singer.

Of course, Timberlake didn't really step in for the director's cut, although the doctored clip showing Britney and Justin back together certainly sent fans of the former couple into a tizzy.

And while it's been nearly 12 years since the former Disney stars have dated, Spears, who has recently opened up about her romance with boyfriend David Lucado, clearly still admires the musical talents of her former flame.

While speaking with Ryan Seacrest last month, the pop princess was asked to share her favorite tune, and she happened to name one of Justin and Jay-Zs hit tracks.

"I really like Justin Timberlake's 'Holy Grail,'" she replied. "I like that song. I think it's mystical."

Any thoughts on "Perfume," J.T.?

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