Damian Lewis, Homeland

Didier Baverel/SHOWTIME

SPOILER WARNING: Stop reading if you have not seen Homeland's third season finale.

It was bound to happen. Homeland fans, you've been warned, spoilers ahead!

The Homeland season three finale ended with a shocker fans have been expecting since day one— yes, it still qualifies as a shocker—the death of Brody (Damian Lewis). Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) watched in horror as her beloved terrorist/hero lover was hanged in Iran. It's a fate that's been coming since the first season.

"I think simply for creative and artistic reasons, the writers want to kill me," Lewis told Men's Journal prior to Homeland's third season premiere. "There are so many compelling and devastating story lines that would just be great TV and theater ... The more compromised storytelling is to keep him alive and to keep him bubbling along somehow. It's the executives who write that version."

What's next for Homeland? Well, viewers got a glimpse into what's ahead as the show did a time jump showing Saul working in the private sector, Carrie working at the Istanbul office and determined to give up her baby.

While Brody's death was shocking, he's not the first major TV character to bite the dust this season. In fact, there have been multiple headline-making kills in the past few weeks, including two fan favorites on Sons of Anarchy and a series regular on Person of Interest.

But which death was the most shocking of them all? Can Brody sad ending top Game of Thrones' Red Wedding? Or Grey's Anatomy's plane crash casualty? See where Brody's death ranks amongst other TV demises in the gallery below.

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